Heritage Shorthorn Registration

To increase the visibility and utilization of Heritage Shorthorns in the cattle industry it is paramount to have a Registry that is focused both on preserving Heritage genetics, and on the utilization of Heritage genetics within modern Shorthorns (Heritage Influenced).  From its inception, HSS has been encouraged by Heritage breeders to start a registry for Heritage Shorthorns. The Heritage Shorthorn Society Registry (HHS Registry) is designed to provide members with an efficient, economical, and practical way to register their Heritage and Heritage Influenced Shorthorn cattle.

Advantages of The HSS Registry

Cost —
On a comparative basis the cost of registering with HSS is significantly less for all aspects of the registration process.

Faster turn around time — Our registrar prides itself on quick response time and accurate papers.

Comprehensive Registration Papers  Including:

  • Heritage vs Heritage Influenced. Cattle can be listed as Heritage (100%) or Heritage Influenced (minimum 25% Heritage).  Red shaded papers will be Heritage and blue shaded will be Heritage Influenced.
  • Type Option. A breeder can designate their Shorthorn as: dual purpose, beef, or dairy type, or leave that line blank on the application form.
  • Color Information. All Shorthorns listed on the registration paper will have their color specified, if it is known.
  • Full four generation pedigree, including identification of all Heritage cattle. On a Heritage Influenced Registration Paper, all parents or grandparents in the pedigree which are actually Heritage will have this designation next to their name.
  • Genetic Testing. Most testing will be at the discretion of the owner, but results can be listed on the registration paper for both genetic defect tests and milk proteins.

Donor Cow/AI Bulls  —
These will need simple DNA ID testing, and the method of qualifying for this status in the registry will be simple and efficient—no need to wait months to receive status approval.

ET/IVF Calves  — A short process for registration that does not involve extended testing.

Recognition of Existing Papers  — Both American Shorthorn Association and American Milking Shorthorn Registration Papers are recognized, with low cost transfers available.


General Information

Two types of Shorthorns will be eligible:
Heritage and Heritage Influenced. Heritage Shorthorns have parents which have both been verified Heritage by HSS, or Native by AMSS . Heritage Influenced Shorthorns will be at least 25% Heritage by pedigree. One parent, one grandparent, or two great grandparents will have to be verified Heritage to achieve the 25% Heritage level so they can be registered as Heritage Influenced. No parentage further back than great grandparents will be taken into consideration when calculating the percentage of Heritage in an animal. It is the belief of HSS that it is important to incorporate Heritage Influenced Shorthorns into the HSS Registry so breeders have an option to reap rewards for their investment in Heritage Shorthorn bloodlines and to increase interest in Heritage Shorthorns on a broad basis. Registration papers for the two types will differ by color and designation.

Printable Forms:

Please include an order form and payment when sending in your registrations.  The completed forms and payment should be mailed to:

HSS Registry
P.O. Box 118
Butler, MO 64730

HSS – Order Form and Fee Schedule

The Heritage Shorthorn Society Registration form is a downloadable pdf form to fill out by hand.  Please make sure that information is complete.

HSS – Registration Form

If an selling an animal prior to registration, please fill out the transfer for and attach it to the registration application

HSS – Transfer Form

When selling embryos, please fill out the Embryo Sale and Transfer Form

HSS – Embryo Sale / Transfer Form

To open or review the above forms, you will need Adobe PDF Reader.  If you do not have it, use the link below to download it.